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This website has been launched in memory and dedication to all those who contributed towards the struggle for maintaining Goa’s unique identity for Goan’s posterity.
This was made possible due to the selfless sacrifices of true blooded Goans, egged on by the indomitable spirit and leadership of Dr. Jack de Sequeira, who believed that as trustees and not owners of this beautiful land, it is the moral duty of every Goan to preserve and pass on the land and identity that ancestors cultivated, to our children.

The website seeks to highlight the sacrifices and travails of the party and individuals who contributed to the victory of the anti-merger forces and who were thus instrumental in preserving the unique identity of Goan society, culture, religious harmony and unity in diversity. If this website is to be referred for writing of a chapter in the history books for schools and colleges, of the occurrences during the run-up to the opinion poll, excerpts from articles of this site could be used. It has been our intention to portray a balanced and uncontroversial view of the turn of events that unfolded during the period before the opinion poll. As such we wish to make it clear that we have exercised extreme caution in portraying a just and balanced view of the events that took place before and during the opinion poll.
Also, despite the fact that the contents of this website may seem to malign the pro-merger forces and its leaders, we wish to clarify that the bone of contention of the opinion -poll was to decide whether Goa be merged with Maharashtra or remain a separate entity. As such the bias factor is an integral part of the movement that took place before and during the opinion poll.
India is a mosaic, consisting of each and every state and union territory and each of them is a unique piece of the puzzle, that when put together, results in the formation of the greater picture which embodies the various aspects of each and every entity, that fits together to form the entirety of the Indian republic.
The objective of this website is merely to give credit to Dr Jack de Sequeira, whose is considered as the Farther of the Opinion Poll and the architect of the United Goans Party (UGP) and all those eminent personalities who were actively involved in shaping the outcome of the verdict of the opinion poll, which was after all a forum that decided the wishes of the majority of the Goan people. As such we wish to allay the fears that the contents of this site is meant to cause a rift or fissures amongst the people of Goa in particular and of India as a whole. The Opinion Poll was the verdict of the majority of the Goans and as such, in a democracy, these events have to be chronicled in such a manner, so that it does not lead to divisions in society, on the basis of differences of opinions and interpretations. We hope this compilation will be widely accepted and form an integral part of history in the post-liberation period which is an important phase in the annals of Goa.

Dr. Jack De Sequeira Father of Opinon Poll held on 16th January 1967

Erasmo De Sequeira former UG MP 1967-77

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