Agencia E. Sequeira was founded in the year 1919 by Mr.Erasmo de Sequeira Sr., Father of Dr. Jack Sequeira. It represented reputed firms in Portuguese India. After the sudden death of Mr.Erasmo Sequeira The business prospered under the tutelage of Dr Jack who was guided by his mother Dona Julia de Sa e Sequeira .

Business Interests of Agencia E. Sequeira included Sale of

  1. Mining Equipment like Atlas Copco Compressors , Rock Drills, Michigan Tractor Shovels etc
  2. Petroleum Products of Burmah Shell including Kerosene and Petrol.
  3. Match Boxes of WIMCO, Art Metal Office Equipment
  4. Air-conditioners, Refrigerators and Freezers.
  5. Automobiles such as Buick Cadillac, Pontiac GMC, Holden and Mazda and Trucks including Ashok Leyland.

To promote the business Dr Jack travelled frequently to Bombay and Portugal. The Firm had Mining leases of Iron and Manganese ores which were  exported. At one time all the Burmah Shell pumps in Goa were operated by Agencia E. Sequeira

In 1928, The Burmah-Shell Oil company was established in India as a distributor of Kerosene. The company expanded its operations over the next few years and introduced petrol pumps, lubricants, aviation fuel and LPG. In 1976, the Burmah Shell Group of Companies was taken over by the Government of India and renamed  Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited.

Amongst its product range Agencia E Sequeira  sold match boxes. They first represented the Swedish Match and later the  Western India Match Co. (WIMCO). So popular was this low value item that Dr. Jack was known as Foskekar Siker in  Goan villages. During the 2nd World war when essential commodities were scarce and practically all traders profiteered and black-marketed their wares Dr Jack maintained strict price control over matches and kerosene which earned him laurels and a  reputation for integrity and honesty.